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The QX55's story begins with design. The all-new QX55 SUV connects the brand to its heritage with a modern interpretation of the stunning silhouette created by the INFINITI FX, first on sale in 2003. The QX55 is the latest in a line of INFINITI vehicles that have pushed the envelope of design among Japanese luxury automakers. Its roofline recalls a familiar shape, but its origami-inspired mesh grille design looks ahead to the future.

At the front, the QX55's double-arch grille is prominent and unique and announces the vehicle's arrival. Its depth of geometric inner mesh was inspired by the folds of Japanese origami — where a 2D material is folded to create depth — and asserts the vehicle's confident and provocative look. The pronounced grille is flanked by INFINITI's signature human-eye headlights that are as intense as they are alluring. The unique shape mimics an eyebrow, and standard LED headlights on the QX55 project greater detail with its brilliant light, compared to halogen or xenon headlights.

The fog lights are surrounded by angular gloss black accents, deeply set into the front fascia that bracket the lower half of the QX55's face. Above, a clamshell hood moves the shunt lines to the front fenders, where they are incorporated into the bodysides in an elegant character line that stretches to the rear haunches. The hood visually integrates with the A-pillar thanks to a clever four-link hinge, which gives the QX55 dynamic proportions in profile.

The QX55's visual weight is situated low on the vehicle for an assertive and planted look. That appearance is partly due to its standard 20-inch wheels on all models and deeply sculpted body sides that visually connect to the road underneath. The QX55's D-pillars make a statement in relative silence: The fast angle connecting the daring roofline to the pronounced rear fenders is stylish but understated — the chrome framing the QX55's greenhouse pinches toward the SUV's expressive rear taillight signature.

"Digital piano key" taillights — which also adorn the recently unveiled, stunning QX60 Monograph design study — have visual depth thanks to an intricate inner housing that incorporates 45 individual LEDs in each taillight. The piano key taillights are distinctive from every angle and frame a graceful light signature that's unique and unforgettable in the dark.

The rear of the QX55 embraces a minimalist approach. The liftgate is clean, with an "INFINITI" badge spanning the center of the gate that's free from a large, deep, and intrusive stamping for license plates. The INFINITI badge is dual-purpose: Not only is it a beacon for the road ahead, but also it houses the power liftgate release, which is standard on all QX55 models. QX55 SENSORY models get an added motion-activated liftgate, convenient when hands are full, activated by waving a foot underneath the rear bumper.

The lower rear fascia is body-colored, and dual exhaust diffusers draw more eyes and accentuate the athletic mission of the QX55.

The QX55 is available in eight expressive exterior shades: Two standout hues, Dynamic Sunstone Red and Slate Gray, are available along with Majestic White, Liquid Platinum, Graphite Shadow, Mineral Black, Black Obsidian, and Hermosa Blue.

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